Girls Only Seminar with 許禎晏

Danimal BJJ are proud present a girls only seminar with the highest grade female BJJ player in the Country. Yen travels all over the world competing and winning medals at the biggest IBJJF competitions.

She will teach two girls seminars.

14:00 - 15:00 - Beginner No Gi Seminar

15:00 - 16:30 - Gi Seminar

This will be a free event so any girls who are interested in taking part please fill in the following form:

Danimal BJJ 很榮幸請到在台灣練習巴西柔術的女子中, 帶階層級最高的教練來到高雄舉辦一場女生專屬的研習會。

許禎晏教練旅行到很多國家去參與各個國際性的柔術比賽, 也都拿下很棒的戰績與多面獎牌。


14:00-15:00 初學者柔術 (無道服)

15:00-16:30 進階柔術 (道服)

此次的研習會是免費參加, 歡迎各位有興趣想了解柔術的女性朋友們填寫以下的報名表:

ADCC Rules Interclub!

For all of you leg lock lovers we are bringing an exciting rule set to the next interclub on December 2nd, we will have full ADCC rules for blue belts and above! White belts will follow the ADCC scoring but will use IBJJF legal submissions. I want us to be comfortable fighting any rule set as i think this helps to expose any weakness in your game. In ADCC leg locks and wrestling are very important as all leg locks are allowed and also in the last 5 minutes there is a minus point for any guard pulling. Should be a fun day!!


Craig Jones No Gi Seminar

2 time ADCC qualifier Craig Jones will visit Kaohsiung BJJ on Saturday October 14th to give a no gi seminar. Craig will be fresh off his second appearance at the ADCC in Finland. Craig is known for his amazing no gi attacks and also very tricky leg lock entries (he made it to the semi final of EBI).