As of mid March I will start my kids program at Danimal BJJ Tainan, it will be targeted at kids who are between 9-15 years old (although younger or older kids may also be allowed pending review). The days will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30pm until 7.30pm. I would be grateful if you could let any kids who you think could be interested in trying it out to let me know. Now the exciting part, i don't want to exclude any kids based on financial situation. If there are any kids who want to take part but cannot afford the classes then I will be offering a scholarship program where the entire course will be free. All they have to do is fill in the form and tell me they are interested in BJJ but cannot afford to pay and i will take care of the rest. I would expect the scholarship kids to be dedicated and hard working. So if you know anyone who might be able to take advantage of that situation then also please ask them to fill in the form below Usual pricing will be 2000 per month and 500 per class and unlike the adult program there will be a free trial class.

三月中的時候我會在Danimal BJJ台南館開始兒童柔術的課程,目標是9-15歲的兒童(較年長或是較年幼的兒童透過面試評估可能可以加入課程) 課程是每星期二和星期四晚上6:30-7:30,如果你能介紹你覺得有興趣的小朋友來參加,我會很感謝你。 另一個令人興奮的部分,如果有想練習但是無法負擔學費的我將會發起獎學金計畫,學費將全部免除,想參加此計畫的人將需要私訊我們的專頁並跟我們說有興趣但是無法負擔學費。我會為你處理,我希望接受獎學金的孩子可以非常有毅力並且非常努力。所以如果你知道有誰可以因此受益的請讓他們私訊本專頁 正常的學費將是2000一個月,或是500一日,並且兒童課程會有免費試上

I will also be offering 2 Scholarship opportunities for adults. This is for people who really want to train but cannot afford the membership fees. I would expect the people who are applying to have time to train at least 3-4 times a week, be dedicated, hard working and friendly. The scholarship would be for 12 months which is a value of 36,000nt each. If you know someone who could take advantage of this please ask them to fill in the form with an introduction and why would should consider them for the scholarship.

另外我將會提供獎學金計畫給2位成人. 本計畫是提供給非常想練習但是無法負擔的成人. 我建議申請獎學金的學員一星期可以練習至少3-4次, 有毅力, 努力並且友善. 獎學金計畫持續12個月,也就是36,000元. 如果你知道有人需要這個計畫的請讓他們填入申請表格. 中英皆可.